Plan of the VfB: fun, hot heart and cool mind

Stuttgart’s interim coach Nico Willig sprays great optimism before the release games. After a weak season the VfB can now only win.

The trainer for the coming season is already committed, also the long-time main sponsor, the VfB Stuttgart announced on Tuesday, has just renewed his contract. Moreover, the future of the club is uncertain. First or second? On Thursday and next Monday, the three-time German champion in the release against Union Berlin fights first against the descent.

Interim coach Nico Willig, who is replaced after Tim Walter’s release, sprayed almost limitless optimism two days before the home game. The VfB had the chance to “win something” after a miserable season, this chance was “not self-evident” in view of the few points that had come together on 34 game days. And because the whole thing represents a pleasant development, Willig emphasizes: “We are going to these games with a positive, broad chest.”

VfB Stuttgart does not want to rush anything

Also a plan has the actual U19 coach, whose junior team on Monday without him moved into the finals for the German championship, for the two games already developed. First, “Have fun,” a tip from Huub Stevens after the 0:0 at Schalke 04 last Saturday. Second, Willig demands of his team “not only a warm heart but also a cool mind”, and third, “We must see both games in the sum.”

What Willig wants to say is that his team should not rush into the home game, where it will be driven by 55.000 spectators.” You must develop a certain patience”, also the release, as last seen in the semi-final duels of the Champions League,”will not be decided or lost after a game”. Also be clear: “The boys know exactly what it is about that they should and must call.”

Willig also looks at his VfB youth

Regardless of the sporting developments, the first important personnel decisions have been made. In February, Thomas Hitzlsperger, who rose to the Sports Board in February, had already committed Sven Credentat as Sports Director, and in the search for a new trainer, the choice fell to Walter, who was responsible for Holstein Kiel during the past season.” If we have clarity in all areas on Monday, then that is perfect,”said Willig smiling.

At least in one area the VfB could succeed in the coming days even historically: on Friday the U19 stands first in the DFB Cup Final against RB Leipzig. Willig also feels “connected” to these players: As the young man on Monday also the entry into the championship finals (2. In June against Borussia Dortmund), Willig reported, in the trainer’s room of the pros, “the walls had been shaken”. If it goes after him, it will also create on Monday.