Pauke! Lewis Hamilton before formula one?

The contract renewal of Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes is still pending. The reasons for the hanging party have been discussed intensively for months. The more time passes, the closer even the formula-1-out of the seven-time World Champion seems to come. The unthinkable is now even considered a realistic scenario in the paddock.

In public Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton are holding back remarkably with a view to a possible renewal of the contract so far. Far more than cryptic signs indicating continued cooperation, there were no signs of the racing stadium and its main employees. This is also why rumors about a threatening formula-1-out of the British are growing.

Across from the portal”said an insider not mentioned by name that there is now a”real chance”that Williams pilot and Mercedes own-grown George Russell will take the place of Lewis Hamilton in season 2021. This scenario is intended to make possible the “unprecedented situation” in which the silver arrows and the 36-year-old world champion have been in for months.

Should it actually come to this, Lewis Hamilton left only two options: a Sabbath year or even a resignation from formula 1.

Gorner contradicts: Hamilton will sign!

Clearly, the fronts between the British and Mercedes are hardened. According to consistent media reports, Hamilton is demanding not only a salary increase, which is a 50-million US dollars a year, but also participation in team opinions and the right to participate in future decisions. Demands Mercedes does not yet want to meet.

“NTV/RTL” expert Felix Gorner is sure that both parties will find a solution soon.” The problem will be removed from the world in the next few days,”Gorner is convinced.

Negotiations will not fail, the long-standing Formula One companion said:”The probability is zero. Both sides want to work together, Hamilton wants his eighth championship title. This is why the contract will be signed in January.”