Norris supports McLaren mechanics

In formula 1, every helping hand is needed right now. Finally, under Corona measures, the royal class is on the move with reduced staff, and this with a racing calendar that was so seldom so tightly knit and therefore so challenging. That’s why Lando Norris thought: I’ll go along with it.

On Twitter, the McLaren pilot posted a picture of himself after the race in Hungary, which shows him sitting under his Formula One bolt, helping dismantle the car. For this he wrote: I thought my team could use a few more hands.”

The young Brit says that it is not the drivers who suffer most from nine races within eleven weeks. Many employees would have to endure much greater effort and longer working hours.

Norris cares about the well-being of the team members

“It’s not too bad for the drivers,” Norris says. In a way, we do the least work when we’re at the track and actually just sitting in the car, compared to time, the mechanics work on it and build it and spend the management or the engineers at the track.”

The McLaren pilot is therefore not worried about his own health and fitness:”I feel fit enough to drive the race, and I’m not completely dead after that.”Rather, he cares about the well-being of his crew.

“Frankly, it is more difficult for engineers and mechanics because they are the ones who work and travel most of the time on the track. It is more like trying to take care of them and to know them in a good condition, especially the mechanics who make the pit stops and so on.”

Franz Tost: Drivers prefer not to be screwed with

Last but not least they also have a great influence on the performance, the 20-year-old knows. They are also the guys who can give us overtaking manoeuvres, and if you make good pit stops, it can bring us positions and things like that.”

Therefore he tries to help them and relieve them wherever possible and if that means helping to dismantle the car. But I don’t think every team leader would like to see that. At least Franz Tost of AlphaTauri is critical of drivers screwing with the car at’ServusTV.’

“As long as they are in the card sport or in the junior classes, it is okay,” says the Austrian. “As long as they are in the card sport or in the junior classes.” But in Formula One, I wouldn’t let a driver near a car. The risk would be too great for me. I’ll tell you what, take it down, yeah, okay. But otherwise, I’d rather not.”