Nico Rosberg: Has Ferrari become interested in the design?

Mercedes suddenly back on top, Ferrari lagging behind – who would have expected this after the Formula One test trips in Barcelona in winter? Sebastian Vettel thinks he’s found a pattern. In any case, the China 2019 Grand Prix has shown well where the Ferrari problems lie. And this does not bode well, believes Nico Rosberg, world champion of 2016.

Ferrari has the car in aerodynamically wrong position at the moment,”the Formula One expert says to”Sky”.” They have far too little air resistance and too little drift in the curves. That’s why they’re wasting a lot of time.”

“This is not ideal for the fastest lap possible. You are currently driving the wrong car. At the moment, therefore, they will only be strong on long straight lines.”

Shanghai has shown how dramatic the situation is:”They tried to put a bigger tail wing on it, but they did not. So they have to produce it first. But even a larger rear wing is not an efficient solution, because it increases 1:1 drift and air resistance.”

Rosberg wants to see”Action”

“The right way would be to produce drift with other parts of the car, such as front wings or side wings. Then they get more drift, because that would be a cheaper solution, because you do not increase 1:1 drift and air resistance. Until then, can Ferrari hope for the high-speed line from Baku, or is the disadvantage too great even there?” I’m not sure, because there are many slow curves where they will lose a lot,”said the 33-year-old. On the long straight they will gain time again. It is therefore very difficult to predict whether this is a line where they will be ahead.”

Mercedes currently sees better positioned:”I would see Mercedes everywhere in front, even in Barcelona. But I hope Ferrari can catch up, because we want to see action. I want to see close fights like in Bahrain. Hopefully everyone can catch up quickly.”