New Haas-Zoff with Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and the Haas pilots no longer seem to be friends. After the Mercedes pilot was said to have stopped qualifying from Silverstone Romain Grosjean, but was acquitted, it was today in training Kevin Magnussen who felt handicapped by the Mercedes pilot. The Dane could only drive eleven laps after the training crash of substitute Antonio Giovinazzi in the morning, yet Hamilton got in his way, and that was not the first time he said.

He is always in the way. This is no longer news,”the Haas pilot gets angry about the three-time World Champion. The latter was said to have driven extremely slowly in the last sector, although no one had been before him, while Magnussen was just on his fast lap.” This is simply unnecessary from him,”complains Magnussen, who had also complained about radio.

Already in Monaco he had called the Mercedes pilot the”worst”sinner when it comes to the subject of disability.”The problem of disability There’s nothing illegal about what he’s doing, but it’s a little disrespectful,”says the Dane, who hasn’t talked to Hamilton himself about the subject so far. I don’t really talk to him,”he says as a reason. And some drivers don’t seem to be interested in that either.”

Wolff is stabbing Grosjean

Magnussen doesn’t expect consequences after the incident, especially since free training is not about positions anyway, but promises that he will show himself cooperatively in the future, he doesn’t want:”It would be the same, If one day he was in qualifying for a good round, and I just didn’t care. We’ll see,”says the Haas pilot, saying many things.

Then the next move between Mercedes and Haas would be pre-programmed. Already in Silverstone there had been fierce clashes between the teams. After Romain Grosjean’s criticism of Hamilton’s behaviour on the track, motor sports director Toto Wolff said: “If he looks at his track record, he should be glad he’s driving Formula One at all,” The Austrian.

Similar case with Ricciardo and Ocon

Haas, on the other hand, has for a long time been the opinion that the top pilots have been able to get away more easily with punishments. Team leader Gunter Steiner had repeatedly warned that double standards are used and that one is always disadvantaged.” Maybe next time we’ll get the note out,”he meant two weeks ago. The next time is actually…

By the way: Other drivers, different opinions. For Red Bull pilot Daniel Ricciardo, it is Force India’s Esteban Ocon that is constantly in the way. It always is. I don’t like his attitude,”criticizes the Australian. But Ocon says, “He can come to me. He was on a slow lap, besides it’s just training, so people should calm down.”That could also be a tip for Haas.