New car for Hullkenberg comes later

Formula One Pilot Nico Hullkenberg has to wait even longer for the desired expansion of his Force India.

Instead of racing in Austria, the improved service wagon of the Rhine will only be used for the subsequent test runs and then at the Grand Prix in Silverstone in early July, said Hullkenberg in Barcelona. There was probably a communication error,”the 27-year-old explained. As a result, Hullkenberg has four more races with inferior material to compete for World Cup points.

Most competitors are already starting at the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend with extensive upgrade packages.” We must try to keep up with that,”said Hullkenberg before the fifth season race on Sunday.

The reasons for the disappointing start of the season are obvious to the German. We have not developed the car efficiently and well enough over the winter,”he said. With six points, Hullkenberg is currently tenth of the overall rating.” Our expectations were higher and we have not met them yet,”said Hullkenberg.

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