New access Kraus leads Bietigheim to victory

World Champion Michael Kraus has led SG BBM Bietigheim in the Basel duel of the Handball Bundesliga to a 27:18-victory against Final Light Eulen Ludwigshafen and given the Ascendant new hope in the descent fight.

With ten goals, the 35-year-old routini was an outstanding man at the table forelast, which reached up to one point to the VfL Gummersbach on the rescuing 16th place.” It was a perfect day. I am overjoyed that we went into this game with emotion, because there is no other way. The fact that this was the case is really ideal,”said Kraus.

In the struggle for the international starting points, the SC Magdeburg fortified the fourth table with a 37:30 (18:14) mandatory pitch against the TVB Stuttgart. National player Matthias Musche was the best pitcher with eleven hits and further expanded his lead in the goal hunting list.

MT Melsungen can also continue to hope for a 30:27 (18:11) at Fresh Open. With 28:16 counters, the North Hessians, for whom Tobias Reichmann met ten times, entered Berlin after points to the Table Five Fox.

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