Missed table management for Schalke “shit”?

FC Schalke 04 has missed the fifth consecutive victory in the Bundesliga and the leap to the top. But the royal flowers are not supposed to look at the table at all.

For nearly twenty minutes the near-descendants of Schalke 04 greeted from the top of the Bundesliga

Knapp 20 minutes -“and supposedly did not know themselves.” I did not find out until after the game,”the goalkeeper Suat Serdar gave after the 1:1 (0:0) against the 1. FC Cologne.

The royal flowers played in their very own film, in a way: because they do not know where they stand.

“That was not a topic at all, I have not looked at the table all week”, Also goalkeeper Alexander Nebula said.

That the last-minute compensation by Jonas Hector (90.+1) had cost not only the fifth consecutive victory, but also the first table leading for nine and a half years, the switchboard player became aware only after the final whistle.

table leading? ” In the end, it doesn’t give a shit”

“In the end, it doesn’t give a shit,”said stormer Guido Burgstaller. And Nuttle, his phone “in the 70’s. Minute –who had turned off the afternoon games, added: “It is still early in the season.”

Even the Schalker fans had after the tour through Serdar (72), which had the Table-14. the previous season catapulted to place one of the lightning table, renouncing “top rider, top rider” calls. Probably because they couldn’t believe this rapid ascent after the completely messed-up pre-season.

“It would have been nice to laugh from up there for a short moment,” said Burgstaller, but quickly added, “We know, And looking at the latest series of hits, he added, “If we’d known we were going to win four wins and a tie, everyone would have signed immediately.”

Guido Burgstaller concedes a huge chance to 2:0

Nevertheless, the recovery under the new coach David Wagner could have been even more fairy-tale –if Burgstaller had not shot the ball at the post just before the balance (89.).

” the Austrian, who since the 11th. Never again has a Bundesliga goal reached.

“It would be good to take advantage of the goal opportunities,” Wagner remarked amazingly emotionally and started the “just result” as part of the learning process: “We do many, many things really well, but some things also not yet.”

This also included: Ahmed Kutucu, who had been replaced at the corner ball in the post season, promptly led Hector to the head-fall at the short post, and gave Cologne new hope after the wrong start of the season. It feels like a victory,”said the goalkeeper Timo Horn.

And Coach Achim Beierlorzer, who had preached optimism even after five defeats in the first six games, found the late success experience”incredibly important to keep faith in himself”.