Mick Schumacher in Hockenheim on Schumis’s trail

The German Formula One fans can look forward to a very special performance by Mick Schumacher in the context of the Grand Prix in Hockenheim.

The 20-year-old will perform demonstrations in the Ferrari on Saturday and Sunday (27./28. July) before qualifying and racing, with which his father Michael won his seventh and final World Cup titles in the year 2004. This is reported by”on Sunday.

Record World Champion Michael Schumacher had won the Ferrari F2004 13th season, powered by a V10 engine, which still exists today.

For Formula 2-pilot Mick Schumacher it will not be the first exit in a top-class bolt. 2017, as part of the Belgian Grand Prix, he already directed an old Benetton B194 of his father for a demo round around the course in Spa.

Since Schumacher now belongs to the junior academy of Ferrari, This year he was also allowed to drive an actual Ferrari and an Alfa Romeo as part of the official tests in Bahrain.

In Hockenheim Schumacher goes on the track even before the German fans. Although Formula 2 performs its races as a general rule within the royal class, especially in Germany, the junior class is not at the start. Because for a long time it was doubtful whether the Grand Prix would even take place this year, Formula 2 had planned its season without the station in the Kurpfalz.