Mick Schumacher before a special performance

Of course there is also a very special formula-1 relationship between the name Schumacher and the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Imola.

How could it be different with record world champion Michael Schumacher, who has put up so many best brands in the fastest race series in the world? Seven times during his glorious career in Emilia Romagna, he won –as often as any other PS band.

His son Mick Schumacher is experiencing his first time this weekend on this Grand Prix track in Formula 1. For the Haas pilot, it will be many first times in his debut season in the Royal Class of Motorsport The 22-year-old wants to learn. He wants to learn fast. He wants to learn a lot. How could this be different in a sport that is about maximum speed? And Schumacher wants to fight his Russian stable boy Nikita Mazepin. This is one of the first internal team measures you want to follow.

Shoemaker succeeds F1-start better than the teammate

I feel that I have much more knowledge that I feel much better”, the Formula Two Champion said after his esteemed debut in the miles-away Haas three weeks ago in Bahrain.” But I was also very surprised how quickly the weekend was over. Under the motto “Less time and much to learn”, Schumacher put his first Grand Prix learning unit.

For newcomers, and these are Schumacher and Mazepin, the formula 1 is always about control. About yourself. About the car. And Schumacher in Bahrain succeeded much better than Mazepin, whose father Dimitri with his mining company Uralkali is also the title sponsor of Haas.

Mazepin junior, who has already made headlines on and off the asphalt, crashed his car early and fell out prematurely. Schumacher Jr. kept his car undamaged and became directly behind Sebastian Vettel in Aston Martin 16.

“We need to get better and better, work on driving more rounds and continue learning, that is the mission,” stressed the robust Haas team leader Gunter Steiner, who has ordered a fresh cell tour of his racing stable with just two newcomers. This is a “great challenge.” We’ve made this decision, and we have to get through it. I’m just trying to make sure the drivers are comfortable. I do not try to manage them to the smallest extent.”That is why the engineers are there.

“He does it step by step”

Schumacher deepens in his work. He’s meticulous. After all, he’s living his dream. And this methodological approach is to become the guiding principle for a long Formula One career.” Mick’s not the kind of driver who gets in a car and risks everything right away. He’s taking it step by step and seeing that he has everything und er control to strike the right blow,”explained junior trainers and Alpha Tauri team leader Franz Tost recently to the specialist magazine”Auto, Motor and Sports”.

The Austrian has already accompanied Vettel’s first formula-1-kilometer and also followed Mick Schumacher’s beginnings in the map. In the Japanese Yuki Tsunoda, Tost himself is currently very talented in cockpit. In his opinion, only heart is not enough for a successful career. It also needs brains.

“I could of course become brutal again and say: You can’t make a tiger out of a cow. In the end, it always depends on how much brain a driver possesses and then switches on in the cockpit,”said Tost, betraying a lesson:”In my long time in motor sports, I have found that in the end, only the drivers who are intelligent and know will prevail, why they do something – and who also behave accordingly.”