Mercedes test falls into the water

Just one day after the World Championships in Brackley and Brixworth Nico Rosberg sat in the Boliden again to test the new, broader 2017er tires for the first time. But if Pirelli is believed, he could have saved himself the long trip to Barcelona.

Unfortunately, the low temperatures in the morning (at the beginning it was only 17 degrees) and the rain in the afternoon hindered the work today, making it difficult to obtain repr es entative tire data”, explains the tyre manufacturer.

Rosberg finished on Slicks 46 rounds in the morning, but could not bring the tyres properly to temperature, only 14 laps were added on wet track in the afternoon. The empty kilometers in the test dispute are interesting water on the mills of Pirelli, because the Italians want the winter tests to take place before the coming season in Bahrain, In order to obtain representative data of the new tyres.

Red Bull and Williams for winter tests

While Mercedes and Ferrari would like to support the tyre manufacturer and would also like to test in warm conditions, Red Bull and Williams speak out for winter tests in Barcelona. Behind the scenes, there is currently a dispute as to which way is the right way forward: the supporters of Europe call costs and logistics arguments.

The conditions in Barcelona in mid-October are quite comparable to February –an argument that Pirelli will certainly put forward in the next round of discussions. By the way, another Pirelli test day with Mercedes is scheduled on Thursday before it will be the turn of 14th to 16th October in Abu Dhabi Red Bull.