Mercedes passes test on 2017er pneumonia

Pirelli’s tyre tests for season 2017 were continued on Tuesday. After Ferrari and Red Bull in Fiorano and Mugello had already driven test runs with prototype tires for the coming year, the program was resumed on the 6th of September on two different routes at once.

Ferrari drove with Kimi Riding Kings in Barcelona, Mercedes with Pascal Wehrlein in Paul Ricard. It was the first test for the silver arrows, even rakes could take a picture of the new black rollers for the first time. Slick tyres have been used in both tests.

The bolts used are converted 2015er cars designed to simulate the larger downturn (around 20percent), which will be driven next year. Further modifications were made to the test cars after the first runs in August. Background: The regulatory changes 2017 will speed up the cars around four seconds, and the tyres will also grow in width: from 245 millimeters to 305 millimeters on the front tyre, from 325 millimeters to 405 millimeters on the back.

We need to make sure that we have a base, an exhaust level, which is close to what we expect next year,”explains Pirelli Motorsport Chief Paul Hembery. Because this aspect will have a great influence on how the mixtures will behave next year.

Ferrari will continue testing with Vettel on Wednesday

The tyres that have been tested, however, are not yet those that will be in use for the first time in Australia at the end of March 2017, but only prototypes for now.” There are still many studies on structure, material and profile,”said Hembery. He is already prophesying that by the end of the test program all components will come together. From Barcelona you have received simulation data from the teams, so you can now better classify the new findings.

Ferrari will carry out further test trips with Sebastian Vettel on Wednesday for Pirelli in Barcelona, Mercedes will drive Pascal Wehrlein to Le Castellet by Thursday. Overall, all three teams will complete a total of 24 days by the end of the year, but all teams will receive the data obtained. On the 29th of November, the final takes place in Abu Dhabi two days after the last race.