Mercedes analysis: Rosberg did not go to victory

The Brazilian Grand Prix on Sunday meant both joy and suffering for Lewis Hamilton: Although he won the victory he desperately needed in the title race with Nico Rosberg and won the full World Cup points because there was no break before round 54.

He did not shake off his German stable rivals, but also Red Bull’s strategist, Rosberg, flushed out in second place. The delay in the overall score is now twelve points, but Hamilton did not itch at first.

He did not cheer about his first win in Interlagos: Was not bad, did he?, said the Brit, who had never given the lead after starting from the pole position despite the safety car phases. No turning, hardly a crosswalk and with free ride mostly the fastest rounds.” I’ve mostly rested at the top,”Hamilton flapsig says. Rain is always good for me. But it was difficult for everyone, because everyone had aquaplaning at one time in the race.”

Toto Wolff praises the”deserved winner”Hamilton, who had a problem: the yellow special helmet for Brazil, based on the youth model Ayrton Senna. Until the first break of the race, water ran behind the visor, clouding his vision. Then he forcibly switched back to the usual design in white. The helmet was the only drama today. Interesting how many people have turned on me. Everything was fine with me,”Hamilton twitches amused with his shoulders.

Capture rotation: Rosberg was not allowed to overtake

“For me it was only because I have been trying to win here for ten years. The race was one of the easiest for me,”said Hamilton. He remembered the 1991st year on the podium, when that Senna won his home Grand Prix. I always thought that’s what I wanted one day. I felt the emotions when I saw him on the podium. Now I can really understand how great it feels.”

Rosberg had much more to say, who also finds words of praise for Hamilton:”He did an incredible job. I can live well with second place.”Probably also because the silver lining was already flat when Max Verstappen passed shortly after the race release as well as on and off.”I can’t do this anymore.” I saw him standing on the wall! I thought,’What the hell?”, he was amazed at the action in curve 3, when the Red Bull pilot overtaken an unorthodox rainline outside.

Conservative tactic: Rosberg did not go to victory

At that time it looked as if Rosberg was catching up on the problems from the rest of the current season’s rain races. But he started and closed up. After his departure in the Knick, he almost caught up with the split cuts before take-off and finish. At that moment he was yellow and was not allowed,”explains Wolff. A little later Rosberg later underwent the same Malheur, but he also took off the car acrobatically. “Fortunately, I stayed on track at my turn. I had no time at all, it came completely unexpected. But after that I did not drive differently,”Rosberg blows through and sums up:”It’s all right with second place.”

Because it was Red Bull who got him back. If Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo hadn’t switched to Intermediates when it started raining again soon after, they would have been too strong for Rosberg. Hamilton wonders about the tactics: “Red Bull made a big mistake. After the next safety car (after the mass accident; Amen. d. Red.) there was no more time to even think about Intermediates. When the team told me that some people were changing, I thought, “They’re crazy.”

Contrary to his prayer-mill-like premise that despite the World Cup leadership he would always go for victory, Rosberg confesses to a conservative tactic: “I can’t afford the risks they take. But I was glad when I saw that they were poker for victory,”he says. A bold strategy with intermediates would have been the only option for him at that time to catch the long-divided Hamilton.” He just does everything he has to do, and he always gets to the finish,”the rival noticed.

Exchange of the overpass: mechanics needed balance

His lead would have been greater if the race guide had decided to stop before round 54 –then according to the rules there would have been only half points. The fact that Rosberg insisted on the red flag in that particular circuit and after the accident Felipe Massas is a tactical game: “How many more accidents do you want to see? There is total aquaplaning when you go straight out. Especially on Intermediates, it is impossible to drive here.”

Rosberg states that the conditions would have been extremely difficult. Incidentally, in the first break of the race, the overpass was replaced by the car. We wanted a rain setup. But the car was actually very good, much could not be improved there,”he says. Because the regulations prohibit weight loading, the parts of mechanics and FIA officers had to be checked with a scale. Rosberg, who in Abu Dhabi gets the third place in a Hamilton victory, speaks of a “good chance” and a desire to end the season with a win. So yes.