McLaren recovery thanks to perfect team chemistry

If it goes well in sports, the atmosphere in the garage is usually automatically better. The team from Woking clearly leads the Formula One middle field in the World Cup to the summer break. And behind the scenes this season with Carlos Sainz and Rookie Lando Norris, a driver’s duo has been found who gets along very well.

In the first half of the season, the two appeared several times as fun birds in the trailer park –partly together with Daniel Ricciardo of the Renault workshop team. Sainz explains that a good mood away from the track or outside the car would be helpful.” This is always good for the environment,”he knows and explains that he enjoys the fun”not only with Lando, but also with Daniel.”

The jokes and pranks among each other are also”no distractions”, as he himself stresses. Outside the cockpit you have fun, but on the track you are still fully focused. Team member Norris drives his first season in Formula One, but he was already a McLaren test pilot in the years before and therefore has known the team longer than Sainz.

McLaren claims: “We have clear rules internally”

“The whole atmosphere of the team […] is happier and more positive than in previous years”, he observed and explained: “I would be glad if Carlos and I had a small share of it. But it’s not just us.”A lot of people would have a part in it. Because in addition to two new drivers, McLaren 2019 also recruited new staff in other places.

Andreas Seidl, among other things, came to Woking as team leader. The 43-year-old is not afraid that the friendship of Sainz and Norris might eventually become a rivalry on the track, at least not yet.” We have clear rules internally,”says Seidl, explaining:”I am sure to a hundred percent that our drivers are aware of their responsibility for the team.”

“Hopefully we will be in a position to fight for better locations in the future. Then we can also talk about [internal] struggles. But not before,”he explains. Currently, the ultimate goal for all is to work together to bring the team forward. And as long as he succeeds, he probably doesn’t have to worry about the mood either.