McLaren declares racing black Sunday

For the first time since Belgium, McLaren remained in Mexico on Sunday without a single WM point. Although Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris were in positions four and six after the start. But in the end the Spaniard was only thirteen, his teammate did not see the target flag at all. The rookie stopped his car after there had been a problem with the pit stop before.

The reason for Norris’s messed-up race is quickly found. The mechanics had to push him back to the box, and he almost lost a round. I don’t know exactly what happened. I think something’s stuck. That was actually the end of the race. Later on we finally gave up, because we wanted to [spare] parts,”says Norris.

But why did Sainz suddenly fall back so hard after his strong start?” It was amazing how hard we worked on the hard tyre,”says the Spaniard.”It was amazing how hard we worked on the hard tyre.” We need to analyse what happened to the hard tire and why it didn’t work. I was just snooping around, and I didn’t have the flu. We have simply fallen further and further back,”says Sainz.

Hard Tire has”killed off”Sainz’s race

“In the end we had to run a two-stop strategy, which was a real shame,”he explains and reports,”I managed to get another good start. It’s always good. We were able to control the soft tyres very well. Only the midwife completely killed our race. The car felt really strange under the hotter track temperature.”

“We were in a very good position today. I think such things happen once a year,”says Sainz and Norris recalls:”It went quite well for us on Saturday. As a team we have worked well.”Interesting: He did not have such big problems on the hard tyre as Sainz. My Pace was pretty decent at the time. I don’t know what happened to Carlos,”he thinks.

“Honestly, I was fine with it. I ran my own race and didn’t have to fight others,”said Norris. Perhaps that was precisely the crunch, because Sainz explains that it was not expected to be stuck in traffic after the pit stop. After his stop in Round 15 on P14, Sainz returned to the track “still behind Robert Kubica.

Pace was generally weaker than on Saturday

“This has finally severely limited us,”says Sainz and says:”Frankly, the Graining today was not so bad at all. It’s just that the hard tyre in the back is too slippery for our car. Other cars did not have this problem.”Team leader Andreas Seidl also finds clear words and speaks of a”painful”Sunday for his troops.

He mentions”different reasons”and explains:”First of all, we had, especially on the hard tires, not the Pace, We have seen in the last two days.”Admittedly, the soft tyres had been”not as competitive”at the beginning as in the lectures. But the performance had been “all right” quite different from the hard tires.

“After we went on the hard tires, we had no more peace and could not fight anymore”, confesses Seidl and makes it clear: “We did not expect, For an analysis it was so fast after the race but still too early. One must now understand, “whether it was related to the higher line temperatures today.”

WM: McLaren was still clear before Renault

“In the Pace case it was definitely a setback. It was the first time in a long time that we had seen a Pace different from the two days before on Sunday,”he ponders and explains,”I think we were lucky, For Renault’s main competitor could not benefit from the zero number.

Only five points were taken by the French with -“too little to get close to McLaren again in the fight for fourth place. Three races to the end, the customer is still 38-meter ahead of the factory team. Still Seidl warns: “We have always said that it is not over. A strange race is enough for someone to suddenly score a lot of points.”

“Therefore it is important that we do not overestimate this lead,”he explains and adds:”Such a day is part of the process that makes us a better team. There are many things we can learn from.”Basically, McLaren was strong enough to secure the fourth World Cup place by his own power. We have a strong car and a strong team,”says Seidl confidently.

McLaren wants to strike back directly in Austin

Therefore, the subsequent disqualification of the two Renault pilots in Japan is irrelevant.” No, we don’t think so,”Seidl explains. You want to focus on yourself and come back to Austin stronger.” It is good that it is only seven days before we have the opportunity to strike back after such a day,”said the team leader.

Lando Norris:”This weekend we had some pretty significant problems. That didn’t show up on the Pace, because it was still good. But the handling of the car was a problem, it was quite tricky to drive.”He can specify exactly or does not want this statement. It’s not that obvious,”explains the Rookie

“It’s not as simple as just having to change a wing. It is rather a fundamental problem. The boys need to look at this,”he says, explaining,”You can’t fix it overnight. In America, not everything will be perfect.”But Austin is a different route from Mexico. Therefore, McLaren is not expected to repeat the black Sunday in this form.