Max Hiding blames Lewis Hamilton for a collision

It was only a matter of time before it had to happen: Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton- both known for it, At the Grand Prix of Bahrain 2018.

The point went to the old master: When the grappling hamilton broke in and let himself be dragged out at the curve exit, there was a collision, In consequence, the tyres were damaged in the event of tyre congestion. He was eliminated by collateral damage. Since Daniel Ricciardo also had to give up the race at the same time, the double-out was sealed for Red Bull.

For Max Verstappen, the culprit stands firm on the collision. And this is not himself: the overtaking manoeuvre was quite good and I think there was still room on the left side. He just rode up on my rear tire. That was the end of the race. That’s not good, too bad.”

Race accident? Wrong decision! b>

The race guide decided on the race accident situation. For me, this is a wrong decision,”comments the Red Bull pilot. In my view, it is his fault.”The Dutchman also says that his supporter Helmut Marko had the same opinion as he had been himself.

Will he seek the conversation with Hamilton?” Maybe. But the most important thing is to look forward to China. Just after our car has worked well here.”The reason for the final failure: A damage to the differential.

The cause of Daniel Ricciardo’s failure is not yet clear. The Australian was understandably on the ground after the collapse: “Suddenly I had no drive anymore. Looks like it’s an electronic problem. The car just ran out. Leaving the race so early is the worst. You wait all day for these two hours and then it’s over in two minutes. Sometimes this sport is just cruel.”

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