Max fucked me! Haas-Crew angry at the competition

With the seats nine and ten and more than four seconds behind, the two Haas pilots Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean formed the final light in the spectacular qualifying final in Hungary.

Nevertheless, in the last few minutes of Q3, emotions rose, Because they felt stopped by the top stars Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Max fucked me!” The Frenchman grumbled at the boxing radio and even arranged for an investigation against the Dutch.

“It cost me the last two rounds,” Grosjean shows himself still upset after the qualifying. In the round where I ran into him, I lost one, six seconds, then I left a gap before the start of the next round. And at the beginning of the next round the gleam was so dense that I could not see anything.”

The cause? He also had to stop using the gas and stop his lap because before him Toro-Rosso pilot Pierre Gasly was on the move, which caused a accordion effect. The race commissioners therefore decided not to impose a penalty. Understanding, who is allowed to keep seat seven, sees the matter left, although he was summoned at the race guide: “This does not annoy me as long as I do not receive a penalty.”

The Red Bull pilot himself says, “It is really difficult to see, Haas team leader Gunter Steiner can live with the fact that Verstappen was not punished for the action. It was too difficult to see anything in the exterior mirrors with a dense glow. They report the incident, the race direction decides and well,”he says.”It’s a good thing. I only fight if we get an unfair penalty.”

“Not so competitive”

Steiner’s sporting spirit is resisting:”I would not like that either. We should set a better example.”By the way, teammate Magnussen complains about an almost identical situation to Grosjean, which was not investigated at all by the race commissioners.” Hamilton has fallen back more than necessary, which is why I was behind him in my fastest and last lap, which was supposed to be my fastest, which was supposed to be my fastest. He complains about the pole-setter.

But even without the incidents the Haas pilots in the rain-qualifying would not have succeeded in sensation according to their own information.” We were not as competitive on the rainy tyres as we were on dry land,”Magnussen explains. And Grosjean agrees with him: “In the dry season the car was really great.”

This also has to do with the lack of experience with the current car under wet conditions.” This clearly has something to do with the tyres, because what else is it supposed to be?” But he is not dissatisfied with his starting place: “We have survived a tough qualification.”