Matthew Weather: Hoeness “has made himself vulnerable”

Recently, public criticism of President Uli Hoeness from the football league FC Bavaria Munich has become louder and louder. Now other ex-professionals have shot at the 66-year-old.

“It’s time to hold back. Better keep your mouth shut, don’t say anything –even if you feel wronged”, Lothar Matthaeus addressed Hoeness with clear words at Sky90.

At the Annual General Meeting, the Bavarian President was verbally attacked by some fans. After that, he accused his critics of damaging his “impeccable reputation as manager, board and president. I must honestly say: I was shocked.”

“I am surprised that Hoeness was surprised. He said a lot of things at the PK that made him vulnerable. That is why he could not have been surprised that there were critical voices at the Annual General Meeting,”continued Matthew.

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According to the World Champion of 1990, Hoeness is damaging FC Bavaria with his emotional nature.” He must switch back two passages and must no longer express himself on everything,”Matthew appealed,”One must be careful that what one has built up for decades “the Mia san Mia, the great Bavarian family and the sociality towards other associations –does not break away.”

Hamann:”The PK was the mother of evil”

TV expert Dietmar Hamann also found clear words.” The PK was the mother of evil,”said the former Bavarian professional:”Retreating would have been the only way to save face. But at their core, they are sure that what they did was right. And that frightens me.”

The current events are not worthy of those responsible for the record master.” They have lost their sovereignty,”said Hamann.

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