Marko reveals: That’s why Vettel is leaving Ferrari

Helmut Marko believes that politics around Charles Leclerc was one of the reasons why Sebastian Vettel will leave Ferrari at the end of the season. It is puzzled why the German made this decision. Many see Leclerc as a main reason, because it arrived as a newcomer and made life difficult for the arriving vettel.

That is not all, says Marko: a lot of politics was done around Leclerc, Vettel does not like it,”says the motor sports consultant to”Sport1″.”This is not all. He wants to give gas, win and not waste energy with unnecessary team politics.”

Marko also believes that Vettel has simply lost faith in Ferrari. He wanted to be world champion with the Scuderia when he came to Maranello 2015. But this goal has not yet been achieved, and even for 2020, few expect the Red to succeed in the big throw.

His four titles Vettel got all with Red Bull, of course Marko knows his ex-protector very well. It would be a great loss for the royal class that this one could now leave Formula One. For what kind of a racehorse Vettel was, alone, has shown interest in the rumors of a switch to Mercedes.” This says it all,”says Marko.

But the Austrian does not believe it comes to it:”I fear that Mercedes team leader Toto Wolff will not face this century-long duel,”he says. Then Sebastian must take a year off and weigh up his chances for 2022. He is young enough for this.”

For the possible last Formula One season he wishes the German above all one thing: Ferrari should give him the opportunity to prove his skill once again.