Mansell: formula 1 needs more cars

Ex-World Champion Nigel Mansell, in an interview with”, suggested the widening of the starting field. The 62-year-old Brit sees this above all as an advantage for the young.

“I want to see 26 cars so that young drivers from the GP2 get a chance to gain experience back in the field,” Mansell said, “You can show there what potential they have, and then switch to a mid-field team and then to a top team.”

The headliner of 1992 also pointed out that the motorcycle racing class finally needs a more balanced driver’s field.” It shouldn’t be so hard to fight in the front when you actually have the sponsors to do it. Red Bull and, of course, McLaren-Honda have shown this year that there is clearly a need to change the rules so that they can catch up with Mercedes,”said the Mansell, which became known at its active time for its pedestrian driving. Ferrari does a good job, but is not able to make the races more exciting on his own.

Small, less financially viable races should also be given the chance to ride the World Cup points. In this context, “Il Leone” criticised in particular the “completely insane” cost explosion of the current hybrid engines.

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