Managers plead for a single transfer window

Max Eberl and Rudi Volker have agreed in principle to a single transfer window in the “Top Five” of European football.

“It does not matter if we join the English and close the transfer window just before the start of the season. That would be a disadvantage for the Bundesliga. At the previous transfer, all five top leagues would have to pull together. The Spaniards don’t want to, so it’s just not a topic for us in Germany,”said Borussia Munich’s Sports Director Eberl at the football summit of the”Rhine Post”in Dusseldorf.

Bayer Leverkusen Sports Managing Director Volker, even though he pledged to his colleague the solitude of the English on the whole. The former DFB team leader, like Eberl, welcomes a European solution.

In the English Premier League, the transfer period ends one day before the start of the season. am 9. August at 18:00 o’clock. In Italy, the transfer window closes on the 18th. August, in Spain and France as well as in Germany on 31st. August! The crux of a unified solution is that the leagues in Europe also start differently.