Magnussen is waging against locusts: What does he do?!

In the last few minutes of qualifying for the Grand Prix of France 2018, apart from the battle for the pole position, there was an unusually tough duel between Haas pilot Kevin Magnussen and Ferrari-ace Kimi Ruke kings, which resulted in wild fighting. Racing kings, who had already made mistakes on two quick rounds, let Magnussen pass first, He then slowed him down in curve 1 and later broke off his lap. After an investigation by the sports commissioners, there was no penalty for this.

Magnussen was beside himself after qualifying and threw the F”word around him like a gangster rapper. What is he doing?! He screwed up all his rounds, so I think he’s going to the box. But how many rounds did the guy actually have booze for? Otherwise, you only have one round. Then he tries again, just a round later. Get over me, pick up the pace again. Magnussen passed by the Ferrari.

To his surprise, he suddenly had the red vehicle in the rear-view mirror at the beginning of his fast lap, filling with format: “Then he tries again. Three quick laps in a row. It doesn’t make any sense! Then he overtakes me in curve one and screws up my round. Then he won’t even finish his. If you act as unplanned as he does, you can’t predict anything. It is totally unpredictable!”

He has not yet responded: “He stops in curve 14, then attacks and then stops again. I don’t know if that’s against the rules, but in my opinion, that’s gross negligence. It’s totally frustrating and unnecessary. He just didn’t have a plan, didn’t know what to do, and was desperate to get another round in the end. He screwed everybody up before. In his interviews, Reiki admitted that he had accomplished nothing in his last attempt at anything. but did not address the incident directly with Magnussen.

Thus the sports commissioners justify their decision

The race commissioners looked closely at the scene and came to the conclusion on Saturday evening that they did not sentence the Ferrari pilot. The explanatory statement states:’The Stewards do not believe that vehicle “35;7 vehicle “35;20’has’unnecessarily disabled’ according to Article 31.5 of the Sports Regulation of Formula 1. Nor do the Commissioners believe that vehicle “35;7’has’unnecessarily slowed down’ (according to Annex L, Chapter IV, Article 2e of the International Sports Code). Despite the negative consequences for the vehicle \35; 20, the stewards do not take any further action.”

“The sports commissioners have noted that the driver of the vehicle \35; 20 was not sure about the intentions of the driver of the vehicle \35; 7 in the second half of the previous round, when vehicle \35;20 was on an’Outlap’and vehicle \35;7 was on a broken’Pushlap’. Vehicle \35; 7 slowed down towards the end of the round, but showed a similar pattern of behaviour as in a previous round in Q3.”

Row queens start from the sixth position, while Magnussen missed a possible seventh place and fell back to rank nine behind Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc. For the Haas team, this was not a clean session, because Romain Grosjean flew away and starts on Sunday with Magnussen in the fifth row. Driver-Steward is Yannick Dalmas this weekend.