Magnussen angry: No punishment for hiding

Haas-Pilot Kevin Magnussen complained in the wake of the Italian Grand Prix on Sunday that the Formula One racing guide would not impose a constant penalty in the assessment of competitions.

The Dane, who in Monza was the victim of a hard overtaking Max Verstappen, would have wanted a sanction against the Red Bull competitor: I was only angry because there was no penalty,”says Magnussen – however, considers the action in itself to be perfectly acceptable.

He even protects constipations:”That was repression. It’s racing, such things happen, but at least there should be the same punishment for everyone,”said Magnussen, who had last come into the vision of the racing guide, When he had pressed Nico Hullkenberg in Hungary and had been promptly sanctioned for it, along with a strong verbal charm after the race.

Magnussen does not recognize any difference to the hiding process in Italy, When the Dutchman overtaken him in the fight for rank ten and prevented the account from the Della-Roggia harassment by forcing him to the grass outside and to the emergency exit: “I have braked and he has not left me enough room”, the Haas driver monitors and believes, that he would have left without the exit zone: “I would have moved into the wall or put it in the gravel.”

Investigation against seizures without consequences

Understanding wonders about the excitement: “I don’t really see it as an incident, therefore I don’t care”, The teenager wavers and even speaks falsely afterwards of Magnussens teammate Romain Grosjean as an opponent. He no longer has the scene exactly in his head: “But I felt t hat he drove against my right rear wheel.” Similarly, adviser Helmut Marko sees it: “Magnussen is in the back, so what does he have to drive in there stupid?”

Team leader Christian Horner also does not want to dramatize the matter: “He has set the overtaking manoeuvre. It would have been Max’s turn anyway. He pushed him out a bit, but it was a racing accident,”the Brit remains cool and even praises the Stewards:”The race commissioners were pretty good and let the boys carry everything out on the track,”says Horner. However, at least one anti-constipation investigation was initiated

Such comments poured more oil into the fire at Magnussen: “I had no great chance to counter, so there was no reason for him to leave me no room. Maybe he just misjudged it,”the Dane nevertheless finds Solomon words for his counterpart.