Magnificent demands a “top performance” on “Manic Monday”

On his 47. On Monday Heiko Herrlich contests the point game with Bayer Leverkusen at 1. FC Nuremberg.

Heiko Gorlich has a birthday, but it’s still kind of a “Manic Monday”. The Bangles song describes the crazy Monday, and the coach of Bayer Leverkusen experiences at least an unusual day of honor to complete his 47. Year of life.

On the one hand, the former national player with the workshop club must attend 1. FC Nuremberg is fighting for important federal league points, while the support of his team at Noris is limited.

Many supporters of Bayer protest against the match on Monday and instead organize a Christmas market with French specialities.” I think it is good that the fans are listened to,”emphasizes Magnificent and shows understanding, even though the cheering in the fan block at the Max Morlock Stadium in Nuremberg should be manageable.

Even Sport s Manager Rudi Volker turned out to be an opponent of the controversial Monday parties, which, however, will be abolished only 2021/22.” I’m not a fan either, our fans have to drive 400-kilometers to Nuremberg on Monday evening,”said Volkler to the”Image on Sunday”.

But back to Gorgeous on”Manic Monday.” I want my team to achieve a top performance and go to its limits,”says the football teacher, who with his team in the league still lags far behind his own demands.

Bayer remains a wonder bag

Again and again, performances by Bayer are a wonder. If the stars have fun on the Wonder Team, they celebrate Magic Football. On the other hand, it may also be that the Rhine countries, with discreet games, remain far below their means. Gorgeous fights every day to balance the team. So far only with moderate success.

“Summon the Maximum”, so glorious, that’s what the club is all about. Before the beginning of the season Bayer was considered one of the great candidates for a championship league place. The failed start with three starting points in the Bundesliga are still a burdensome mortgage for the Bayer-Asse.

The potential for high-speed football is huge, but unfortunately too seldom does the team around Jung-Star Kai Havertz realize its potential.

that his patrons too oft en try to “endure only with artistic abilities”, that is usually not enough in the league’s everyday life. The twins Lars and Sven Bender always experience the absolute will, but not all follow the example of the Olympic Silver Medal winner of Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Foller gloriously strengthens the back

Foller has always presented himself vehemently to glorious. Even as the former Bundesliga professional was asked to leave the league for weeks on the media, the World Champion of 1990 gave magnificent confidence.

Finally, “the trainer discussion started with us after three days of the game”, Bayer’s “BamS”.

And this after a good season, “while at the same time other similarly ambitious clubs were set a completely different standard after early retirement in the DFB Cup, a weak Bundesliga start or after worrying achievements and results in the European Cup. As a zealot of justice, I’m going to have a hard time.”