Locked Black watched Mainz game in the team bus

After all, Sandro Schwarz was in heat. But this luxury the FSV coach Mainz 05 would have gladly given up on Saturday.

Because he was locked out after his yellow-red card in the game against VfL Wolfsburg a week ago, he was not allowed to watch his team on Saturday in the basement duel at SC Paderborn

” Following the game in the team bus,”the Mainz Sports Director Rouven Schroeder explained after the important 2:1 on the question of where Black had been.

And so the FSV coach was all alone when the team he had previously hired tactically finally introduced the second season victory. Half an hour before, during and half an hour after the game, Black was not allowed to have contact with the team.

For someone who otherwise lives 90 minutes at the edge of the field and always pushes his team emotionally, a very long time.” I don’t know if he took the bus apart for joy, because he just went along with it,”said Schroeder.

Sandro Schwarz congratulated his team only at 18:00 o’clock

Only around 18.00 o., when the press conference with his representative Jan-Moritz Lichten was just underway, Schwarz snuck into the booth to join his players. Congratulations.

Talking about his feelings on this special day for him Black did not want to afterwards. Only in the course of the week will he talk about his FSV again as usual.

His actual co-trainer Light did his job in Paderborn well.” He found the right speech, also explaining again what it is like to play without a coach and perhaps also for the coach,”Schroeder praised the auxiliary coach.

He was diligently on the sidelines in Paderborn, but not so emotionally involved in the game, as the black is usual.

“The threesome was elementary”

“I had the feeling that the game was going faster”, described lights in the pay-TV channel “Sky”, as he perceived the encounter.

It was fun, of course, that the victory was very important.” Nevertheless, I am happy to fill my job again in two weeks and support Sandro,”said the 39-year-old modestly.

By the second season victory, he and Black can work in peace during the next country play break. A defeat at the end would have made it a little more unmanly.” The threesome was elementary,”said Schroeder.

Black will have seen it that way. His jubilee seemed to stay within the frame after all. Because when the team bus left Paderborn, there was no damage on and in the bus.