Leclerc puts a smile on Ferrari’s face

No one really expected this: Charles Leclerc, in qualifying for the Grand Prix of Tuscany 2020, put the Ferrari SF1000 almost sensationally on the starting field five. With this round I am overjoyed!”, Happy is. What makes it even more incredible is that he drove the 1:16.270 minutes on a used set of tires!

The place in row three, as everyone agrees, was above the possibilities of the car. The Monegasse has benefited of course from the Yellow Flag by Esteban Ocon at the end of the session. But the time and the starting place are there for the first time in a not very easy time for Ferrari.

“Monza and Spa were quite hard for our team. With the low-down-force set-up I have had big problems,”says Leclerc.”I’ve had big problems with the low-down-force set-up.” With little abortion it was very difficult to find a balance. But here we got the balance right.”

He praises the Ferrari SF1000, which has already had so much criticism, explicitly:”It felt very good in the cockpit. It’s just that we’ve been lacking in overall performance to get ahead. But the balance was good and gave me confidence. Thus I was able to do my best on the qualifying round.”

Stronger racetrack not secured

While team colleague Sebastian Vettel, already on the suspension track at Ferrari, did not exceed Q2, Leclerc grew beyond himself. Was it perhaps at the forefront of the experience through the movie day?

22-year-old wavers: “I think this helps in the first Free Training. We were very competitive there. But after that… These are Formula One drivers, and they’re finding out pretty fast. Therefore, I do not think that there is a great advantage left.”

After the race match at Ferrari has generally looked better than the qualifying, something could go from P5. But since the general ban on party mode, which Ferrari has been deprived of for the entire season in qualifying, is no longer stoned.

Therefore Leclerc warns: “On the one hand it is a good opportunity. But if you look at the other teams from Friday, there were some teams that were stronger than us. It’s gonna be hard to keep them behind me. But that’s my job, so I’ll do my best.”

After all, it’s the 1.000. Racing for Ferrari and a podium would be a huge result in the current situation.