“Leclerc on Number Two Status: My job to change that”

Ferrari rookie Charles Leclerc shows himself to be combative with regard to the division of roles defined by team leader Mattia Binotto, according to which Sebastian Vettel is number one in the team: I understand that, of course, because in every team, in a situation where it stands 50:50, there must be a number one and a number two, but it is my job, This will not be easy to change.”This will not be easy,”because I have a lot to learn, but I will press.”

But what does the Monegasse mean by a 50:50 situation?” Well, if that’s the case, I’ll probably be told in the car, but I don’t have an example for that now either,”Leclerc doesn’t want to settle. It is clear, however, that he does not have to submit from the outset:’We can drive freely against each other. This means that I can try to be faster in qualifying than he is, even if it will not be easy.”

This makes it clear how Leclerc understands his situation: he wants to convince the team that he is faster than Plazhir’s Vettel, so that Team Leader Binotto can’t put him on the World Cup title in any way. Because in his clarification of the new role distribution at the Ferrari presentation, the Italian with Swiss roots indicated that “the absolute priority” was “that Ferrari wins”.

Vettel knows: Leclerc will also look at himself

And if Leclerc Ferrari proves with constancy and speed, that this is possible with him rather than with Vettel, then the situation in Maranello can change in favor of the 21-year-old. The Heppenheimer has not always been completely sovereign in recent years, despite strong achievements, and thus, as Michael Schumacher once was, is completely uncontested.

Vettel himself knows that the roles are not as clearly distributed as they appear at first glance. There is not much point in discussing certain situations now,”he also does not say when the team would decide in favor of Vettel. Mattia has made it clear that we can ride freely against each other. Charles will do his best to help himself and the team. And that goes for me too. In the end we go for Ferrari and try to take Ferrari where we wanted to take it in the past years.”

Vettel: too early to talk about certain scenarios

That would be the”absolute priority. And other than that, all I can say is, it’s a very long season, and it’s a little pointless, Yet there is tension in the Scuderia: for after years with the most pleasant Kimi Ruke King, Vettel has for the first time since Daniel Ricciardo a rising youngster at his side again. And as the story went then, it is well known.

But Leclerc also has a high expectation: the Ferrari-Youngster is considered the champion of the future after only one season at Clean. Even before the first race, Maranello is convinced that the right choice has been made. Too much pressure on the shoulders of the man who has a sixth place in Baku 2018 to book as a highlight?

How Leclerc can cope with the pressure

“No, not at all,” replies Leclerc. “No, not at all”. I just focus on my work in the car and with the engineers. And if we do that well, the results will come on their own. Of course, it’s nice to hear that they think they’ve made the right decision, but now it’s up to me to prove to them on the track.”

That Ferrari goes into the season after the winter tests as a clear favorite could simplify this project. But Leclerc is “not really” convinced that Ferrari is the team to beat: “You never know how much the others bluff after the winter tests. Mercedes hasn’t driven a single fast lap until the end of the test. Nor is it clear how much we bluff in relation to them. We will see this only in the qualifying.”But at least with the driving behaviour and balance of the SF90 he is satisfied.