Learning tennis is easy: that’s how everyone does it

With this sport, it is fast to the point and the condition is demanded. Tennis is a popular leisure sport, but has to contend with many prejudices.

So tennis is supposed to be just something for well-placed athletes and those who want to become it. Besides, most tennis players are only in the place to pose and contact heads anyway, so much for the theory. In practice, it looks quite different. Tennis not only trains the ability to coordinate, but also enjoys playing together and is ideal for all those who want to get their act together. With a few light exercises and no expensive basic equipment, you can really learn any tennis.

tennis can really be anyone’s perfect age for starting?

If you want to start playing tennis, you should start as early as possible. Children are more likely to learn the different movements and apply them to future gaming practice. But basically anyone can also start sport at an older age, assuming a little patience and exercise.

The top players on the world ranking list have all started sport since childhood. Novak Djokovic, for example, started his first walk on the square at four years old. Also one of the most famous tennis players, Boris Becker, trained at a young age in his home club, the Blue-White Leimen Tennis Club. Everyone knows what development this talented redhead took on the tennis courts of the world.

Learning tennis: what equipment is really necessary for the beginning

To first dive into the sport, it is recommended to spend a first hour on the field. In fact, no one needs complete equipment, including tennis socks, shoes, tennis bags, shorts, welding tape and other accessories.

For the beginning it is enough to put on sports clothes and bring fun. Those who like it and really want to learn ambitious tennis should pay particular attention to the right footwear. If the tennis shoe fits properly and the sole fits to the floor, it will play much better. If you’re smart, you choose a tennis shoe with some savings potential to buy maybe even two pairs right away. This way you can also discover great offers or vouchers online, which may also make it easier to save.

The right tennis bat is in must: This way the selection works better

The bat is their main tool and extended arm for tennis players. When looking at the world-class list of tennis players, it turns out that everyone has their own model, which they use when playing. Many professionals even sell out their own thugs, such as Rafael Nadal. Those who start playing tennis often need less professional equipment, but solid equipment. Just for the beginning, it is important to choose a bat that offers more footing space for the ball in order to increase the hitting security.

The ultimate equipment: bats, Ball and matching shoes.

Those who already have some experience can also use a tennis bat with a little more power and a smaller club head to work on the technical refinements. In order to test different impact models, practical testing on the site is recommended; At best at the local tennis club.

Learning tennis, what do I really need to know?

The German tennis federation provides numerous exercises to learn the sport online to get familiar with the basics. However, in order to hit the ball in practice and, above all, to implement the leg work well, the practice of playing does not remain. Tennis schools or clubs continue to help to avoid major errors at the beginning or, if they already exist, to correct them. Since mistakes in bat behavior or leg work can affect game behaviour and, in the worst case, can even cause health problems, everyone should start under professional guidance and develop through game practice.

The top tips for beginners

tennis is not so hard to learn. when beginners consider some important basics. To make it easier to play, here are the key tips.

1. Tip: Setting realistic goals

There are different training approaches to tennis, all of which have somehow proven themselves with a particular type of player. Those who want to go straight from tennis beginner to world-class professional will quickly find that this over-motivated training is not only time-intensive, but also at some point no longer fun.

Tennis requires endurance: in training and in the physical constitution. This includes starting warm-up exercises before training, for example, to prepare the muscles for stress and to avoid health damage. Beginners should give themselves enough time to improve their skills.

2. Tip: Simulating movements

Control the ball in fast tennis is one of the most difficult tasks. This is why it is important for beginners to first concentrate on the movements and to experience them. At best, the tennis court is practiced without the ball and simulates the front and back hand so that the movement can be carried out without thinking. This makes later ball control easier.

It's all about the right movement and ball controlIt’s all about the right movement and ball control

3. Tip: Don’t eat anything before playing

Who eats before going on the tennis court eats something, quickly realizes that it is getting a little lazy. Heavy diet, in the true sense of the word, is hard in the stomach and can cause a feeling of complete relaxation. Tennis is a fast sport, so the stomach contents are properly mixed up. For example, those who eat something fat or defective before the tennis match may experience heartburn or full-bodied feeling. Therefore, before the tennis lesson, you should refrain from eating heavy food and eat a banana instead. Without fail, the German Food Society recommends a balanced diet in which fruits and vegetables play an important role. Especially in enduring tennis sports, the right diet with whole grain, little sugar and salt and delicately prepared food is a must.

4. Tip: Practice makes the master

Also in tennis, in every other sport, there is a basic rule that all players should know. This includes not only the counting method, but also the position for the mark-up. In addition to the playful qualities, it is important to strengthen the rules and, if necessary, recall them over and over again. Those who want to play more ambitious should also consider tactical strategies in the course of their tennis exercises. This also includes positioning the mark in such a way that the opponent has to do as much running work as possible, which is at best noticeable in his condition in the further course of the game.

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