Lauda about Understanding: You’ll never be World Champion

For former world champion Niki Lauda, Red Bull pilot Max Verstappen (20) stands in the way of the hoped-for title win in Formula 1 itself.

He is the best discovery ever made. Just why it takes him so long to turn his head up there and say, “One millimeter less and I win, instead of looking at me and my teammates, I don’t understand,” Lauda said in an interview with “Image on Sunday”.

“He has to start getting a little bit off his’I beat everybody’arrogance,” said Lauda. Basically, the head of the Mercedes team’s Supervisory Board sees the “discovery of the century” in hiding, but if he “wants to ride world champion, he has to be careful”.

If the Dutchman drives like this season, “you will never be world champion,” said Lauda. Hiding had recently caused a stir with his rough driving and some accidents.