Kurios: Car rental to clean track in Istanbul

Shit –and shit with a big S!” The verdict of World Champion Lewis Hamilton on the flu level on Friday in Istanbul was clear.

And Pirelli sports director Mario Isola had to admit on Friday night: “It is now clear, With C1 to C3 Pirelli has the toughest rubber mixtures from the assortment on offer.

The Istanbul route operator had meant well on Friday morning and washed the newly asphalted line around the fine layer of bitumen, the new asphalt brings with it to remove faster. But the mixture of moisture and the oil film turned out to be the only catastrophe, especially in the first Free Training.

The longer you drove, the more gripping the road became. Which is why the route operator used an unconventional method overnight: ordinary cars were simply sent to the track to increase the grip. According to information from “”, the cars were on the road for about three hours. Practically, the Intercity operator is at the same time one of the largest car rental companies in Turkey.

Overriding in Istanbul continues to be “impossible”?

Formula One drivers should be happy that something has been done, even if it is unclear, how many cars can produce at such a low speed.

But the intercity cars also drove alongside the ideal line, partly cross and cross –after some drivers complained that overtaking would otherwise be impossible.

“There is only one ideal line”, explains for example Haas-Routinier Romain Grosjean.” This makes it difficult to overtake, because if you come along this line, the flu is about the same as Friday morning. And that was ten or twelve seconds slower than now.”

Team colleague Kevin Magnussen goes one step further. He fears that overtaking in Istanbul will be “impossible” altogether: “Let’s take curve 12. If you commit crime there and get just a little bit near the dividing point, it’s like on ice. You have to drive very precisely. Will be a very interesting race.”