Kimmich: BVB-Understatement only “Alibi”

Just don’t provoke FC Bavaria! This specification of their boss Hans-Joachim Watzke hosted at the football league Borussia Dortmund also after the jump to the top of the table.

“Nothing special” was the table management, said Coach Lucien Favre after the tearing 4:2 (0:2) at Bayer Leverkusen. And Sebastian Kehl, head of the licensing department, said, “We’re happy to take that with us. But it is too early for battle fans to say.”

That even after the change of roles from the Bavarian hunter to the Bavarian hunted, Watzke had announced almost two weeks ago.” If you describe it before, the Bavarians have turned up all the warning systems,”he had said to the”Funke Media Group”:”And you must catch them if they have just driven them all down.”

Warning they do not want to warn the Munich series master. On the other hand, the BVB is the great hope bearer of the league, now that he used the favor of the hour after Munich’s 0:2 at Hertha BSC.” Overall, it is better for the attractiveness of the league if we have some tension,”said DFB President Reinhard Grindel in the”ZDF Sportstudio”.

Watzke stacks deep

The previous week Schalke manager Christian Heidel had still struggled, the FC Bayern did not lose a game this season. Now Munich is no longer even a top rider. But in Dortmund last season they had bad experiences as the bearers of hope. At that time the BVB led the table up to the ninth day of the game –at the end of the season he had 29-meter delay.

Watzke therefore put on a distraction manoeuvre on Saturday evening.” Until five days ago, I read everywhere that we can’t really do anything,”he said in the ZDF:”We can’t play football. With the print journalists, Watzke did not want to speak at all with reference to the alleged negative reporting.

Kimmich demands opponents

FC Bavaria does not like this attitude of refusal. From the outside it is always easy to say: Yes, of course, the Bavarians are not to be beaten, so every coach jumps from the opponent onto the train and says, “Yes, the Bavarians are not to be beaten”, to give them a bit of an alibi,”said Munich’s Joshua Kimmich:”That’s why I think it’s pretty cool, If someone like Julian Nagelsmann approaches the matter offensively.”

The Hoffenheimer trainer had given the championship title as a wish before the season – falls as a rival with already seven points behind after six games but as well as the Leverkusen, which were treated as a secret tip, which still have one less counter.

Also Hertha does not see herself as a true Bavarian rival, but is proud to have shown the vulnerability of the series master.” The league no longer has to wait for the Bavarians to lose,”Hertha manager Michael Preetz said:”By the way, we have the effect that it is not so that they run far away.”

As a serious long-term opponent only the Dortmund wonders are likely to be in question. In addition, they offered two exciting football games in four days and both times wrote club history. The 7th Wednesday against Nuremberg was the highest victory in the last 32-year period. And on Saturday, t he BVB won for the first time in the league after a 0:2-pause delay outside.

Favre is fascinated by the BVB game

This victory would have been even more beautiful for him than the one under the week, known to the otherwise very dominated Favre, who was visibly struggling during the game, to hide his almost euphoric joy. At the edge of the playground he had raised his arms, had fallen into the arms of standing people or had blown his thumb –the game drama as well as the quick combination game of his young team in the last half hour fascinated the football perfectionist visibly.” Tack-tack-tack, with a contact,”he said with sparkling eyes.

So at least possible masters play. But for Favre, according to his own statement, the victory in Leverkusen was special for another reason.” I can’t lose to my landlord,”he said with a big smile towards his Leverkusen colleague Heiko Herrlich, who had been playing in Dortmund for nine years as a professional. The rent will not be increased,”he announced. It is currently running for Lucien Favre.