Keine hengelben and henRoten cartoons for salut-Jubel

The controversial Salut jubilee is to remain inconsequential in German football on the field. This was confirmed by a spokesman of the German Football Association of the “German Press Agency”.

Yellow and Red Cards are not intended for such a jubilee as long as it is not a significant delay in time or an extreme provocation. However, the referees are supposed to note incidents in the game report, so that the DFB Sports Court can intervene in the aftermath. Previously, the “Bild-Zeitung” had reported on this.

Turkish national players had repeatedly shown a military greeting at the Torjubel in recent days. Their political commitment to the military deployment of Turkish forces in northern Syria to combat the Kurdish YPG militia is being criticised internationally. In lower game classes in Germany there were already imitators.

1899 Hoffenheim’s coach Alfred Schreuder critically views the salutary jubilee of the Turkish national football team.” The boys did it to strengthen the army. In principle, it is not the right podium to show this,”Schreuder said at a press conference. Instead, he felt that football should be linked. Basically, I don’t think that’s a good thing. One must always have respect for other people,”said the coach.