Jonathan Tah responds to Oezil’s racist accusation

The dark-skinned national football player Jonathan Tah of the Bundesligist Bayer Leverkusen feels, according to his own statement, “no racism in football”. The 22-year-old defensive player responded to the accusations of Mesut Ozil, who had spoken of racism in his resignation.

“I think it has gotten better,” Tah said in an interview with the “World on Sunday”, “when we played at Lazio Rome a few years ago, There were certainly some unpleasant calls.”

However, the native Hamburg, son of a German and an Ivor, remembers his youth:”There was already one or other unpleasant situation. But I actually grew up in a neighborhood that was very multicultural, and that is Hamburg-Altona today. Racism has not affected my childhood.”

Tah fully confesses to Germany:”I grew up in Germany, with the culture here, I feel comfortable here. I’m proud to say I’m German. My mother would also rip my head off if I didn’t feel that way (laughs).”In the Ivory Coast he was”then completely the European or the German”.