Is Bayern playing too high? Werner-Wechsel shakes

Timo Werner of RB Leipzig has long been regarded as the favourite player of FC Bavaria, but since the German record champion has been digging into Leroy San e of Manchester City, the rumors have clearly cooled down. A circumstance that now allegedly makes Werner doubt that the step to Munich is the right one.

Werner is supposed to have already agreed with FC Bavaria on a change, since his contract ends in Leipzig in the summer 2020, seemed to stand in the way of a transfer –especially since RB repeatedly stressed, The 23-year-old is evidently questioning his decision not to let Werner go free. This is reported by the “Image”.

The intensive efforts of the Munich people for Leroy Sane are to be decisive. Sane, as Werner 23-year-old and probably also intended for the wing in Bavaria, was last publicly lured by the FCB players. Bavarian boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge also announced that they would at least try to get the superstar to the Isar.

In the following the “kicker” reported that the Werner poker was “not so hot at the moment”, “picture” even raised Werner to the status of a “replacement solution”, which only grips, If the Bavarians do not succeed in the Sane coup.

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The fact that he is apparently no longer the first choice in the German industry primus is not to be missed either. The offensive player should therefore play again with the idea of playing another year in Leipzig. But Werner’s expiring contract would be problematic.

While Bavaria would certainly have little objection to bringing the German national player 2020 to the zero rate, such a scenario makes little sense for RB.

“picture” holds a solution that plays Sachsen in the cards. Werner extends, can be guaranteed an exit clause for a change to Munich and searches for the width before the season 2020/2021.

advantage for RB Leipzig: One would probably collect much more for the star. According to “Image”, Bavaria currently offers no more than 25 million euros.