Hungary-GP: Rosberg in Quali Chancenlos vs Hamilton

“Lion”Lewis Hamilton has provided impressive proof of his strength in qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix. With a half-second head start, the Mercedes man secured the pole position.

This puts Hamilton in the tenth season race for the ninth time on starting place 1. “This has been a good weekend so far, I love the track,” Hamilton rejoiced. Nico Rosberg once again had to settle for second place behind his team rivalry and then admitted to being helpless.” I don’t have an explanation. Actually, everything went according to plan. I did not find the speed,”said Rosberg, announcing a night shift.

Sebastian Vettel was the third time best of the rest and at least not that far away from Rosberg: Only 0144 seconds separated the Ferrari star from Rosberg. After Vettel, it was even tighter: Red Bull pilot Daniel Ricciardo was only a quarter of 0035 seconds slower than his former teammate. In the second Ferrari, Kimi was followed by queens in fifth place.

“All in all, we can be satisfied. It was a very good day just after the maudlin start,”said Vettel. Compared to the Mercedes, its mature, gentle Ferrari particularly benefits from the high asphalt temperatures beyond the 50-degree. The industry prime is warned. Also on Sunday it will be hot, we have to be careful there already,”warned Mercedes motor sports boss Toto Wolff.


Giant luck had Nico Hullkenberg, who was pushed out of the top ten in the last seconds of Q2 by Lotus pilot Romain Grosjean. In the end, Hilkenberg, who had become sixth in the qualifying general rehearsal in the morning, separated two hundred and a half seconds from the final battle for the pole position. p>

“That’s racing”, Hullkenberg commented on his cut. Overall, it was a difficult weekend after Perez’s accident yesterday.”Teamwork colleague Sergio Perez had flown out of the 1st Free Training because of a broken bike suspension and had been overwhelmed. For security reasons, Force India did not allow both drivers to start in the 2nd training.

Fernando Alonso also had to take a hit back. With place 8 in the 3rd Free Training, the McLaren-Honda had nurtured the hopes of his team for a top-10 starting place in Hungary. But in qualifying the Spaniard stopped a technical defect in Q2. Alonso tried everything to prevent the shutdown, pushed his service wagon with the support of some line posts from the boxing alley entrance in the run-up to the McLaren garage. In the end he had to settle for starting position 15 in front of his teammate Jenson Button.

Rosberg also disagreed with the technique. There is something wrong with the balance, I have far too much under control,”the Mercedes pilot already sparked in Q1. Prompt, he took a little ride into the exit zone of curve four. However, at first he remained very close to Hamilton, only eight hundred feet behind. p>

After the meanwhile red flag in Q2 by Alonso’s parking maneuver, Hamilton again set the best time, this time clearly ahead of Rosberg. And even when it came to it, Hamilton was a class to himself, just as he had announced it before the Hungarian weekend along with a picture of his latest tattoo, a lion’s head, on Instagram: “The lion roars wildly, and his roars can be heard for miles. He collects the power of the sun to release it in the form of his will. He proclaims his power as message and warning.”

In qualifying, Hamilton shouted”Lion”quite savagely. The four tenths that he has ahead of him are a light year on this course,”Mercedes team supervisor Niki Lauda nobleman the two-time world champion, who was also the fastest in all three free trainings as before in all three qualifying rounds.

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