Horner betrays: This is how the Corona GP works in Austria

Whether formula 1 can really go to Spielberg on the 5th of July also depends on whether the royal class can guarantee that the Grand Prix will not cause any new corona cases. From a health point of view, the event should therefore become a high-security Grand Prix. Red Bull team leader Christian Horner explains what they have planned for the Spielberg race.

Red Bull is willing to run the championship. They have made a lot of effort to make the race in Austria possible,”he says to’’and recalls:’The track belongs to Red Bull, so they can control it themselves. But they work with the local authorities and the government.”

In a first step the paddock is reduced to the maximum. Only the most necessary people will have access to the route. There will be no spectators, no VIP guests and no independent journalists and camera teams. And even with the teams, it’s reduced. Horner explains that “probably less than 80 people p er team” will be on the track.

No contact with the local population

In terms of team staff he also makes clear: “They will all stay in the same hotel, they will all travel together, and they will not all come into contact with other teams.”Moreover, there should be no direct contact with the local population. Furthermore –that is, of course –only people who can submit a negative coronation test can enter.

“The screening, the tests and the restrictions will of course be a bit draconian. But if this allows us to restart the sport, then this could be a blueprint for other routes,”says Horner. Background: If you can organise a Grand Prix in Austria in this way and there are no corona cases, other routes could follow.

Horner himself believes at least that the plan will start.” We’re a racing team, and we need a championship where we can ride. It is inconceivable that there will be no races this year. And I think it is also very unlikely that there will be no events and no world championship,”he emphasises. However, some questions remain open.

Critical voices and open questions

What happens, for example, if, as already in Melbourne, there is another coronal fall in the paddock? Can all government requirements really be met? Clearly, there can be no 100-percent security. That is why there are also critical voices in Austria that want to prevent the race. These come mainly from the Steiermark area.

Karl Arbesser, who as a neighbour ombudsman has already expressed criticism of the Spielberg project in the past, explains to the’ORF’, he fears, “t hat 1.000 people are coming in from countries whose infection rates are significantly higher than in Austria, who may be infected, even if it is claimed that everyone is only allowed to come to Austria after a Coronavirus test.”

Background: A large part of the Formula One driver would travel from Italy and especially the UK to Austria. And while there are currently only around 15.000 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Austria according to Johns Hopkins University, there are more than 185.000 in the UK and in Italy even more than 210.000.

officially approved the Grand Prix, and also a possible second race only a week later, Not yet, by the way. In this context, Health Minister Rudolf Anschober (The Greens) recently explained to’Oil1′, the implementation depends “totally on which security concept the organisers bring with them.”