Honda’s work and Toro Rosso’s contribution

In Hockenheim, for the first time since 1992, two Honda pilots have been on the podium. While Red Bull rider Max Verstappen was able to win the race, Daniil Kvyat was surprisingly third in the Toro Rosso. The highlight for the Japanese was, of course, the second season victory, but Honda’s Formula One chief Masashi Yamamoto reveals that the Toro Rosso score also had a very special significance.

Kvyat’s third place is a very big thing for us because we improved together last year”, so Yamamoto opposite’’. Background: After the separation of McLaren at the end of 2017, Honda 2018 completed a kind of transition season with Toro Rosso, before delivering the Red Bulls A team with engines since this year.

In this transition year one had “some difficulties”. In short, the season 2018 was very important to get to where you are today. The podium in Hockenheim was a reward for Toro Rosso. We would like to thank them for their contribution,”says Yamamoto, who is expected to enjoy two victories this year.

“Glad that we managed to do it together”

“The victory in Austria was the greatest thing for us,”he says. Since then, Verstappen has won the first Honda victory since 2006, and this especially at the Red Bull home game. This success has “meant a lot” to Honda and provided additional motivation. In Hockenheim, Toro Rosso made it to the podium for the first time since 2008. We were very happy that we did it together,”says Yamamoto.

In the history of Toro Rosso, it was only the second podium ever after Sebastian Vettel’s sensational victory 2008 in Monza.”In fact, it was only the second podium in the history of Toro Rosso.” It was also a very big moment for the team,”Yamamoto knows. Toro Rosso is ranked fifth in the World Championship for the summer break. This would be the best WM final position in the history of the team ever.