Hockenheim-Qualifying: Duel for good feeling

It is about the last pole position before the summer break. The focus is once again on the Mercedes duel between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. Those who push themselves all the way forward go into the race on Sunday with a good feeling.

The question at qualifying on Saturday from 14 o’clock (in and at RTL) is therefore: Who has the nose in front? Nico Rosberg, the German with the home advantage? Or his British teammate Lewis Hamilton, the title defender and top rider of the World Cup? For the first time in the eleven qualifications so far, neither of them took the best starting point. In Monaco, Daniel Ricciardo, currently third in the K.O.-Championship, was the fastest in the Red Bull.

Otherwise Hamilton and Rosberg exchanged quite merrily. The first two poles of the season entered Hamilton, then Rosberg twice stood on starting place one. In total, Hamilton 2016 took the Pole six times, Rosberg four times. With the fifth, the 31-year-old born Wiesbaden wants to get the best starting position for winning the home race.

In training on Friday, Rosberg clearly drove the fastest lap ahead of Hamilton both times. After that, Sebastian Vettel joined the Ferrari. However, we were in Hungary very quickly on Friday, but on Saturday and Sunday we were all close together,”said Rosberg.”We were very close to each other.” This warns us not to be too enthusiastic on a Friday.”

Two years ago Rosberg first brought the Pole to Hockenheim ring. For the first time in the day, he also won the race. With a new victory this Sunday (14:00 clock in and RTL) Rosberg would also win back the lead in the World Cup overall rating before the start of the second season with the Belgian Grand Prix on 28th August in Spa-Francorchamps, even if Hamilton was second. For place one there are 25 points, for rank two 18’s and Rosberg’s lag before the twelfth season race is six points.