Hilkenberg on Red Bull: Not much hope

Nico Hullkenberg, despite his outstanding performance at the Eifel Grand Prix at the Nuremberg ring with regard to the formula-1-season 2021, is still without cockpit.

I am not under the hood yet,”said the 33-year-old in conversation with the magazine”auto, motor and sport: Maybe the formula 1 has enough quality drivers and doesn’t need me anymore.”

Hullkenberg jumped at Racing Point on Saturday just before the qualifying started on the Nurburgring as a replacement for the sick Canadian Lance Stroll. Although it was only enough for the last starting place, in the race, Hullkenberg fought bravely through the field and became the rear.

Despite his acknowledged good performance in the cockpit, the Emmericher does not get his hopes up for 2021.” I’m still on it. But this is also a process that has been going on for quite a long time. There is an over-supply of drivers,”said Hullkenberg:”And then there are also drivers who are economically attractive for certain teams.”

“In principle, a regular place has priority for me”, The 33-year-old from Emmerich.

Red Bull reports to Hullkenberg

that, given the rather modest performance of the Thai tribal champion Alexander Albon, he may be staying at Red Bull, Hullkenberg considers “quite difficult. I don’t get many hopes there”.

He’s not exactly out front with the Austrians either. For example, Red Bull Motorsport Advisor Helmut Marko betrayed “Sport1” on Sunday, that Max Verstappen’s team also thought about Hullkenberg as a substitute driver for the Eifel GP: “We were already talking to Hullkenberg on Friday. Albon had an uncertain, undefined test result. It could also have turned out to be positive. Immediately after landing I called Hullkenberg.”