Hilkenberg bites Grosjean: Old jailer

Nico Hullkenberg is not at all good to Romain Grosjean after his accident in the first round of Barcelona.

The Haas pilot had turned in turn 3 and had driven back into the field, where he caught Hilkenberg and Pierre Gasly –for all three came the end.

It’s sad and very bitter,”says Hilkenberg and directs sharp words to his racing colleagues:”Mr. Grosjean just needs to drink a little target water. He turns eight times at the weekend and is really unpredictable on the track,”shakes his head in the”ORF”and suggests to the elector-Frenchman a change of sport.

opposite”RTL”the Renault pilot imitates and insults Grosjean as”old flycatcher.” Every weekend, there’s a show with him. I don’t know how often he spins on the weekend, but if he does it for himself, it’s okay, but if other people get on the collar and it costs races, it’s bitter and disappointing,”he adds.

Second accident in a row for Hilkenberg

He himself was unable to do anything during the accident, as he stresses. I couldn’t get away from anything. It all happened so fast. I didn’t see much of the cars in front of me anyway,”said the German. I went into the grass, but he slipped into me and tore off the whole rear axle. Has he done well again…”

Bitter for Hilkenberg, who has to carry the second accident in succession after Baku.” I was already relatively well on my way and gained seats through the first two curves.”But that doesn’t help him anymore.