Hiding with flat-footed bad luck

Max Hiding remains true to bad luck. While his Red Bull teammate Daniel Ricciardo was resting at the Grand Prix from Italy to rank four, the Dutch race was running again early.

Although this time he did not have to take a fall, after a collision with Felipe Massa and a suffering platform, all chances of a good result were lost. The Youngster became 10th.

Yes, that’s really good. One point. Nice,”rolls constipation with the eyes.”Nice.” My race was practically over after three laps. We started with the soft tires, but of course I had to catch a flat foot so we had to make two stops,”he argues. The fault for the collision is more likely to see congestion with his opponent Felipe Massa.

“I was over on the straight line, but when braking for the curve he had missed again and pushed me beside the line,” the Dutch paints. “I was over the straight line, but when braking for the curve he had missed again and pushed me beside the line.” Then we touched, I got a flat foot and everything was over.”Massa, on the other hand, could go on and did not take any punishment from the racing commissioners on”which is also heartily snapping: “My race was over. Whether he gets a penalty or not, I don’t care”.

Pace well enough for the podium?

Even with his Red Bull team one argues with the situation. Although neither Team Leader Christian Horner nor Motorsport Advisor Helmut Marko Massa would like to admit guilt (keyword: “racing mishap”), one gets angry again about the bad luck and missed an opportunity: “The bad luck was that Max suffered a tyre injury. Marko sighs

Of course you can ask if it is bad luck at all if it catches a driver in a collision. Expert Niki Lauda would rather question understand: “He drives in his own way and takes points away. At some point he has to decide what is more important,”he criticises the Dutch. But Lauda’s compatriot Marko wavers: “X others have had the same thing and nothing has happened”.

The fact is: Fortan was the last of the Hidden Ones and was well fifty seconds behind the field. After all, the 19-year-old was still struggling with a strong Pace in rank ten, but one may wonder where constipation could have ended without the collision. The team is sure that it would have gone a long way forward: “Without it, Max would have gone to the podium,” Marko says. Max got off to a good start and was behind the lines. If he had done the maneuver, he would certainly have been on the podium today,”also Horner agrees.

Horner: Blatt will turn

The bad luck streaks of constipation continue in Italy, so one should have known beforehand, As team leader Horner says, “Max has started the 13th race with the RB13 from rank 13. In the future, Red Bull wants to keep all ladders and black cats away from his driver. But seriously, you can’t do much. He just has to go on as before. At some point, the hand will turn. I have no doubt about that,”said the team leader.

And there are positive things to mention: Red Bull seemed to have the second fastest car in Monza, Verstappen was able to take his teammate’s Pace with him, and with Singapore a race is underway, And yet, instead of a zero number, there was another counter, or, as a monotonous voice would say, “Yeah, that’s really good. One point. Nice.