Hiding star rises in the rain

Max Verstappen succeeded again: The Dutchman was officially elected driver of the day of the Formula One race of Brazil. During the Interlagos Rain Battle, the Red Bull pilot followed Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg to third place. But, unlike the silver arrows, he could not roar quietly at the top, he had to fight through the field again and again after various tactical changes at the box.

This was an incredible race with the red flags and the difficult conditions,”the youngster blows through after the adventure Sao Paulo. Proud five times, hiding in the race was included in the box- both red phases. The poker strategy of his Red Bull team was the main reason for this, because twice he was sent back to the field on Intermediate before it started raining again and had to change again.

But the situation allowed the 19-year-old to show, of which wood he is carved: “I could show some great overtaking manoeuvres, and then coming up to the podium is of course incredible,” he radiates. The race was praised by team leader Christian Horner: “It was a fantastic ride. He has earned the podium today,”the Brit pays his respects to the Youngster, and even Papa Jos has to admit,”I have never seen anything like it. This even surprised me.”

Horner: Wolff’s call without effect

During his trip to third place, two manoeuvres remained mainly in his memory: the first was a manoeuvre against the World Champion Nico Rosberg against the middle of the race, when he made the German look old in curve 3 outdoor space.” That’s awfully brave. He looks out and then takes the moment there. This was a fantastic maneuver,”shows team leader Horner excited and gives Mercedes motor sports director Toto Wolff a tip with:”I think it shows that Toto’s call has no influence on how Max races.”Previously, the Austrian had called Papa Jos, The second was a contentious situation against Sebastian Vettel, whom he pushed a little off the track in the left corner in front of the mountain line. The Ferrari pilot complained, but the race guide did not investigate the case. In addition, Vettel had previously performed a similar maneuver, says Horner: “What one could not see: Seb also pushed him out in curve 4 of the same round. This is racing between two racers. He left him plenty of room,”said the Brit.

Above all, it was noticeable how Verstappen overtaken his opponent: again and again he drove a very wide line, especially in curve 3, in order to have more momentum. He played a lot of cards. He has used this experience and lines,”praises Horner and says,”He was absolutely fearless in terrible conditions. He proved what a great talent he is.”

First horror, then chase

A second of horror the Red Bull pilot had to endure: After he had caught Rosberg, hiding almost turned before the boxing entrance, however, he could avoid a collision.” I touched the edge of the stone inside and slipped away,”he describes the incident. I blocked all four tires and was able to prevent the impact on the control rail just now. This was fifty percent happiness and fifty percent skill.”

Nevertheless, after the victory, the Dutch risked another switch to the supposedly faster intermediates, only to find that the rainy season is the better alternative, because he could no longer drive properly against racers in the last sector. For safety reasons, during the last safety-car phase, it was decided to give up the space once again and switch to rain tires.

In rank 16 it was then for him to move forward as far as possible.” I have simply moved on and given gas,”says Verstappen and considers the decision of the mediates afterwards not so bad. It was a possible victory that was lost, “but I had more fun with it,” he laughs. “I’m sorry. We are not going to the World Cup this year anyway.”

Understanding like Senna and Schumacher?

And so the Dutch may not have won the race, but many motorsport hearts, as team leader Christian Horner believes:”How he drove the last fifteen rounds, that was incredible. The audience was totally excited when he was driving to third place.”The audience praised the ride with applause and just with the official title of the driver of the day. And Horner dedicates the performance to the recently deceased team technician Mark Simpson: “He would have been proud of just such a ride,” says the Brit.

Horner even goes one step further and compares Verstappens Brazil race 2016 with Ayrton Senna in Monaco 1984 and Michael Schumacher in Barcelona 1996, where both legends showed their entire class in the rain: “One can compare this with these great moments,” he says addressed the two Grand Prix. “The two Grand Prix You don’t often see a race like this. What we saw today was something really special.”

Ricciardo in bad luck: Boxing lanes not open

Something therefore went down the performance of his teammate Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian experienced an equally crazy race, but in the end became “only” little noticed rear. According to team leader Horner, the Malaysian winner was struggling with problems that would have impeded his race. The rain had not passed properly, causing his vision to fade again and again.” He couldn’t see much. We have to understand this,”Horner announces.

Additionally, Ricciardo was handicapped by a five-second penalty because he came to the box after the accident of Marcus Ericsson (clean) although this was closed -“Capture had previously caught the driveway barely under green. However, a suspected platform of debris has turned out to be wrong.” He didn’t see the light signals, and we missed it, too. It’s a pity he got the five seconds, but he beat back well,”says Horner.