Hiding invites Lauda to the psychiatrist

Max Verstappen had to take heavy criticism after the Belgian Grand Prix.

The Dutchman was once again criticised for his aggressive driving style, many colleagues and experts put up verbal guns against the 18-year-old Red Bull pilot. After a meeting with FIA racing director Charlie Whiting, he drove the race in Italy completely unimpressed.

Niki Lauda demanded a psychiatrist for seizures after the initial collision and the tough duel against Kimi Ruykkunen. He now contrasted with “If I have to go, we could go together” in the Talksuit episode “Peptalk.” He also admits that he would have complained if he had been in the position of King of Austria. The Finnish was on the Kemmel-Straight behind the Dutchman and wanted to overtake when he made a twitching movement, forcing the Finns to brake. If I had been in Kimi’s shoes, I would have complained, too.”

Hamilton provides protective help

Some actions have just been more critically witnessed, but”they have to get used to it,”says Hidden in the show. Jacques Villeneuve was also very critical of the young bully’s driving. He gave himself a verbal struggle with hiding. The young star, however, does not only have enemies in the camp. While Daniel Ricciardo was already standing behind his teammates and Fernando Alonso was also protecting him, World Champion Lewis Hamilton also moved to this line.

“Take a break,” demanded the WM leader. He is just 18-year-old, what have some of us done with 18?”asks the Mercedes driver.”What have some of us done with 18?” He won a Grand Prix and there’s a lot of pressure on his young shoulders that many people don’t understand.”He’s young and he’s still learning. For this help in the verbal exchange of punches, Verstpen is pleased. In front of Sky Sports F1, he says, “That’s good. It shows that he is also a true racer.”

Capturing a rider”with eggs”

He himself could hardly have won a race at 18-year-old age, Hamilton believes.”He could hardly have won a race.” I don’t know what I would have done at the age of 18, but I would have made a lot of mistakes in any case.”The Brit came into the king’s class at the age of 22 and got the first World Cup title in the year after that.

For Bernie Ecclestone, it’s precisely those two drivers, “Lewis and Max are a step in this direction when you look at how many fans they attract”, says Formula 1-Zampano to “”. He also calls congestion “with eggs” as a driver. Does he like it?” Of course, we need half a dozen of them!”