Hero confirms interest of other clubs in filling pot

Despite his injury, stormer Niclas’s fountain basket should not be held in the event of Hannover 96’s possible departure from the Bundesliga.

“Despite the situation of the injured, it is in abundance that clubs are interested,” said Hannover’s sports director Horst Heldt after the 1:3 (1:1) at the VfL Wolfsburg. Reports of an imminent return to Werder Bremen, however, Heldt rejected: “There is no agreement.”

According to media reports, when the last table descends, a filling basket could change to a fixed redemption sum of twelve million euros.

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After a report from the “Image” newspaper Werder could even get his former youth player for less than ten million euros, because filler basket has been injured on the knee for months.

In recent months Borussia Monk-gladbach in particular has been interested in an obligation filler jar.