Heidel successor: Hero has no contact with Schalke

Manager Horst Heldt of Hanover 96 apparently has no contact with FC Schalke 04.

Although Sports Chairman Christian Heidel on Schalke is no longer to be uncontested and Heldt is considered a successor, According to “Sport Bild” there are currently no talks between the district club and the ex-pro.

Heldt, although a very good relationship with Schalke’s Chief Supervisor Clemens Tonnies is still being replicated. But he will not abandon the downhill axis in the current situation, writes the paper.

The 49-year-old today had turned his back on Schalke in the summer 2016 after five years in office. Heidel became his successor. At the beginning of 2017, Heldt hired in Hanover.

With 96, the 359-time Bundesliga player in the coming season might even take the bitter step into the 2. “It’s too early to talk about topics like a possible decline. Feels like we would surrender in the current situation. In doing so, we will try by all means to stay in the Bundesliga. But yes: My contract applies to the first and second leagues,”Heldt said to”Sport Bild”.