Hecking protects Hazard from criticism

Coach Dieter Hecking of the football league Borussia Munich has protected attacker Thorgan Hazard against criticism.

“We need more gate risk. It’s not just Hazard that’s required. To attach the expandable gate yield only to him in the back round is too cheap for me,”said the outgoing coach of the foals.

On Saturday Borussia joins the traditional club VfB Stuttgart, which is under the care of the new interim coach Nico Willig. Hecking: “Our knowledge of the VfB’s way of playing is not yet a hundred percent. The new trainer certainly wants to bring in his game idea and the change of trainers will certainly have an effect in the mental area. We have to adjust to this.”

Hecking appreciates the rest of the game plan positively.” It’s nice that we have games on all four remaining game days that are still about something for both opponents. These will be exciting games,”emphasized the Gladbach coach. But no match will be “a runner”, says Hecking.