Hanning: " Now it’s about the cream"

After the first entry into an Olympic Quarter Final since 2004, the German Trade Union Confederation’s top federation has drawn a positive interim balance.

“We have reached the first goal,” DHB Vice President Bob Hanning said: “The cake is on the table, With a victory in the final round against Egypt on Monday, the group event will wave.

Head of the Association Andreas Michelmann gave trainer Dagur Sigurdsson and the German team a “big praise.” The team has proven they’re right here in Rio. We’ve got a chance to make the group trip. I am proud of that,”said Michelmann at a press conference at the German House in Rio.

“We are on the right track”

The handball has”snapped at the monoculture in sport. 80.Percentage of viewer exposure in the halls of Rio, five million on television sets in Germany. We are pleased about this,”said Michelmann.

Sportally Hanning sees an increase in the European Champion’s performance during the Olympic tournament.”The Olympic Championship is a success for Hanning.” It gets better. We’re coming in slow in the tournament. We are on the right path,”said Hanning. Germany has won three out of four games and is leading the preliminary group B before the last game day with 6:2 points.

After two wins against Sweden’s record European champion and the World Cup third Poland, DHB lost to host Brazil. With the 28:25 against Slovenia, the German team found their way back into the track on Saturday.

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