Hamilton’s wish: 2018 to fight Alonso

The World Cup fight against Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari has apparently not been enough for Lewis Hamilton this year. 2018 The now four-time World Champion also wants to fight regularly against his former team McLaren and Fernando Alonso.

I really hope that they will be successful again next year. I hope we fight them, because McLaren deserves to be at the front,”Hamilton sends a little love to his old team.

“They are a fantastic team with an incredible story,”praises Hamilton, who made his debut with the Woking 2007 racing stables in Formula One.” I hope they can keep up with us with the new engine,”said the Brit. After three unsuccessful years with Honda McLaren switches 2018 to Renault. With the drive of the French, Red Bull was able to win at least three victories in the last season.

For Hamilton reason enough to hope that he can regularly fight 2018 “under similar conditions” against his former teammate Alonso. I had a great fight with Fernando this year towards the end of the season,”he recalls the duel between the two in Mexico. Alonso was able to hold Hamilton back several rounds, but in the end he had no chance against Mercedes power.

McLaren has a “place in the heart”

“After qualifying I always look where Fernando stands. I watch them and their progress,”explains Hamilton, where McLaren still has a”place in the heart”. The team had a “very difficult time”, but 2018 hopes Hamilton will make a new start. Then he wants to fight Alonso, whom he calls the “incredible World Champion”, again for the World Cup.

Hamilton completed 110 races for McLaren between 2007 and 2012 as a whole, in which he won 21 victories. He also won his first World Cup title with the traditional team 2008. In his rookie season 2007, he rode with Alonso for McLaren, but after that, they parted paths again because the Spaniard returned to Renault. Since 2015 he has been driving again for McLaren.