Hamilton wins sovereign in Abu Dhabi -Vettel declares

Jubilar Lewis Hamilton once again reminded of his exceptional position at the season finale and celebrated a sovereign start-goal victory in the Abu Dhabi flood light.

The Mercedes World Champion raced well ahead of the young challengers Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) to the finish- Hamilton declared the former permanent rival Sebastian Vettel, the Ferrari pilot became only fifth.

I am proud and extremely grateful for this incredible team”, Hamilton said: “This beautiful car is a work of art.”

And the competition may take a certainty after this demonstration of power into the winter break: Hamilton rules the royal class even at the age of 34 years, and he remains the top favourite with a view to the coming season.

“There are some youngsters who are coming up now,” said the champion, “It is a privilege to race with them, and I hope, For Vettel, the final fit into the picture of the absolutely disappointing year 2019. After a weak qualification, a new failure of his boxing team and a predictable race performance, the Heppenheimer reached his goal more than a minute after Hamilton. And finishes the season in WM ranking five, which is his worst result in five years at Ferrari.

Nico Hilkenberg in the last Formula One race at Rank 12

Nico Hilkenberg probably finished his last Formula One race as a Twelve. After the season he is replaced by Esteban Ocon and is thus no longer part of the royal class after ten years.

Vettel’s teammate Leclerc had to fear for his third place long after the race. About an hour before the start there had been excitement in the camp.

The sample measurement of the controllers had shown that the Ferrari des Monegassen had more fuel on board than the team had indicated. Not only did some competitors see this as a breach of the technical regulations.” I don’t know how you can’t disqualify Leclerc,”said Red Bull team leader Christian Horner.

The Stewards let Leclerc start and asked Ferrari to report an hour after the race. Much later, the decision was made: the team was penalised by 50.000 euros, but the sporting result remained intact.

At the start of the race Hamilton had got away from the pole position very well and had nothing to do with the pushing behind it, but Leclerc quickly passed on to second-ranking traps. Vettel also put pressure on the Dutch, but could not take advantage of his one chance.

Lewis Hamilton rested in the field of it

The tip subsequently split, Hamilton was the fastest in the field and rested, behind it also widened the gap between Leclerc, Hiding and fattening.

Only the pit stops brought about changes. Ferrari brought in his pilots one after the other, Leclerc was finished immediately before Vettel and the German was the sufferer: On both wheels on the left side it was chopped, almost seven seconds stood Vettel at the switch.

The Heppenheimer returned to the track in traffic, An attack on the top had been completed by now at the latest. He couldn’t keep up with the pace without it. With his tires getting worse, he later even had to pull Valtteri Bottas in the second Mercedes, which had to start from the end of the field after a change of engine.

It became exciting once again in the duel of the young stars, But hiding went past Leclerc with fresher tires, thus securing World Cup rank three behind Hamilton and Bottas. And the podium on the night of Abu Dhabi seemed like a preview of the title fight 2020- the king and his crown prince among himself.