“Hamilton: Rockstar, Phantom, Legend”

Lewis Hamilton is the personified glamour factor of formula 1. He can afford anything: gold chain, glasses, Protz cars, private jet. Hamilton lives his American Dream.

Son of an immigrant from the Caribbean, the first dark-skinned driver in the history of the Motorsport Royal Class, Britain’s most successful pilot. And for Bernie Ecclestone in the ranks of the top five pilots, he’s doing a fantastic job, Hamilton is the perfect ambassador of the PR machine.

Nothing could have been better suited to the career of the Hamilton born on the 7th January 1985 in the English Stevenage than his coronation in the USA. Especially for the Grand Prix he sometimes wore in Austin a cap with stars and stripes on the bottom of the screen. Hamilton knows how to do it.

Social-Media phenomena

With Hollywood stars Hamilton is on you-and-you. Before the decisive Grand Prix in Texas, Hamilton relaxed while surfing in sunny Miami. Hamilton keeps his followers informed at all times. More than three million fans on Facebook, as well as Twitter. Whether on the piano, with his beloved dogs Roscoe and Coco or with stars and stars, celebrities and professionals worldwide.

Hamilton has the enduring urge to stage himself. A blessing for a sport where the main actors have to hide their heads under a helmet most of the time.” The fans want people, not metal. And what Lewis does is great for business,”said the head of the US race in Austin, Bobby Epstein.

On a level with Senna

164 Grand Prix, he has now won 43 of it. Victory number 41 will be remembered for him as the World Cup Triumph as a milestone in his career. In Suzuka he moved with his once great idol Ayrton Senna. It was an emotional day, he said: “But I’m not a whiny guy, I’m full of joy, full of happiness.”

You can feel it. Hamilton seems unstoppable for a long time. When in Monaco he had to leave the victory to his teammate Nico Rosberg due to an incredible tactical breakdown by Mercedes, he disappeared briefly. No confusion, Hamilton was in control despite his truly visible disappointment.

“He is one of the best”

“He is one of the best who are driving out there at the moment,” his German opponent also attested to him in Austin. Rosberg did not want to say much more about Hamilton and his classification in the Formula-1 history.

The former great friends from shared card times have split up. They don’t talk much anymore, and you can’t shake the feeling that Hamilton doesn’t really matter. He lives like his father Rosberg in Monaco. But his world is different.

Star also outside the line

Since he ended his relationship with Popsternchen Nicole Scherzinger, Hamilton enjoys his existence outside the line. Carnival in the shortest outfit with extreme skin factor in Barbados with singer Rihanna, in an extravagant evening gown with model Gigi Hadid or with their colleague Kendall Jenner from the clapping press coven.

Hamilton says of himself that he does not know what he is doing in three days. His surroundings make him lose his mind, he once said in a media round in the Mercedes Motorhome and grinned with laughter.

Hamilton pays back

The German work team lets its star pilots lead the life he wants, since he had been replaced by Michael Schumacher with silver arrows in season 2013. He thanks it with success, got two single and two design titles in three years with the silver arrows. In the years before McLaren, Hamilton had often been looking for an image after the missed World Cup in the first year and the title 2008. He was the first to hold the negotiations himself. The years have made him mature. His third title has now also made him statistically one of the best drivers in Formula One history. Only nine others have managed to get three and more titles so far.

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